Intelligent Office Furniture

Custom laminate benching, tables, files and desks.

Intelligent Office Furniture – Founded in 2000, IOF opened it's doors with the mandate to do things differently. After running a successful office furniture dealership in Toronto for 15 years, the president Joel, saw an opportunity as the typical office furniture manufacturer didn't understand what the public was looking for. IOF's main goal has and will always be to provide exceptional products with the needs of the end user as it's primary focus. They strive to manufacture a flexible, well designed, quality driven office solution yet approachable to anyone. They have an developed an excellent team of product specialists, customer service representatives, designers and support teams. We are very excited to be offering Intelligent Office Furniture in our brand new showroom!

Product Features:

  • Tailored To The Inch
  • Quality Driven Office Solutions
  • SCS Certified Gold
  • LEED Certified

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