Advice from the Experts


From recommending the right brands to selecting the right styles, you can trust our furniture professionals to help you navigate through the many new and used options and provide direction on how to achieve your vision. Collaboration throughout the design process is critical. This approach helps to ensure time and cost-efficiency for our clients and ultimately leads to the creation of the ideal workspace.

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Getting the Job Done

Project Management

Our highly collaborative approach to space planning and furniture selection is our trademark. We've established a reputation over the past 40 years for our fair pricing, on-time delivery and attention to every detail. We start with a full project assessment, we set realistic timelines and work toward agreed upon budgets. We consider a project complete when a client tells us that we've exceeded their expectations.

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Taking Care of Business

Inventory Services

There are occasions when clients turn to us for guidance on how to reconfigure or make the most of their current space with the furniture they already have. We work with our clients to evaluate their existing furniture and determine what, if anything, can be re-purposed and reused. If the existing furniture has no effective purpose in the reconfigured space, we are potentially able to assist in the removal of unwanted furniture.

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Arriving on Time

Delivery & Installation

At Office Alternatives, whether it's furniture from our New or Used divisions, every piece is delivered and installed by our own team of professionals. Our clients appreciate knowing that when they work with us, they're working only with us, from the start of the project right through to the very end.

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Cleaning out the Closet


Regardless of company or organization size, our goal is to provide a full assessment of furniture value when downsizing, moving, or going out of business. Our removal process and fees are customized to each client and our team will be responsible for removing and relocation of the furniture.

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Borrow or Rent

Leasing & Rental

Not every project involves a major redesign or boasts a big budget. In these instances, our pre-owned furniture is a great low-cost option. Our furniture professionals are available to assist on short term projects or to provide solutions when turnaround is tight. If our pre-owned selection doesn't meet a client's needs, we have long-standing relationships with professional leasing companies to accommodate smaller budgets and time constraints.

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